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Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture is cast at Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Wales.

Patinations vary.  Please contact me  for further images, information  and availability.


Available Editions 

Bastet Study 5 ed 12.JPG

'Bastet Study 5' 

Edition of 12. 

34cm  h

'Monkey Sketch 4'
Edition of 15
16cm h

bronze monkey sculpture
Bronze hare head study. 'Elysian Hare'

'Elysian Hare'

Edition of 24

26cm l x 11cm h


'Bastet Study 4'

Edition of 15

27cm h

limited availability

Enquiries: Beaux Arts Bath. UK 

De Kunst Salon. Netherlands

Resting with Ancients_edited.jpg

'Resting with Ancients'

Edition of 12

46cm l x 44cm h  x 26cm w

limited availability

enquiries: De Kunst Salon. Netherlands

DSC05181 2.JPG

'Sacred Langur 2' detail
Edition of 15
27cm h

' Hare Head study 3' detail 

Edition of 24

36cm h

Hare Head study 3. Sculpture detail


Edition of 12.

46 cm h x 39 cm l

bronze Rhino sculpture

'Still Rhino'

Edition 12

'Tesem Study'

Edition 12

37cm h

Bronze dog sculpture
Bronze Monkey sculpture

'Macaque and Infant'  Detail

Edition of 12. 38 cm h x 39 cm l 

bronze Silverback gorilla sculpture

'Standing Silverback' detail.

 Edition of 12. 59cm x 49 cm

limited availability

Enquiries: Beaux Arts Bath . UK


Edition of 12

56cm l x 52 cm h



Edition of 12.

60cm h x 56 cm l

ShadowBoxer 2.JPG

'Shadow Boxer'  detail

Edition of 12.

 71cm h

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