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Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture is cast at Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Wales.

Patinations vary.  Please contact me  for further images, information  and availability.


'Bastet Study 5' detail.

Edition of 12. 

34cm  h

'Monkey Sketch 4'
Edition of 15
16cm h

bronze monkey sculpture
Bronze hare head study. 'Elysian Hare'

'Elysian Hare'

Edition of 24

26cm l x 11cm h

DSC05620 2.JPG

'Bastet Study 4'

Edition of 15

27cm h

limited availability

Resting with Ancients_edited.jpg

'Resting with Ancients'

Edition of 12

46cm l x 44cm h  x 26cm w

limited availability

DSC05181 2.JPG

'Sacred Langur 2' detail
Edition of 15
27cm h



Edition 12

46cm h x 39 cm w x 48cm d


' Hare Head study 3' detail 

Edition of 24

36cm h

Hare Head study 3. Sculpture detail
'Hare Head Study 2' Bronze sculpture

'Hare Head Study 2'

Edition of 24. 


'Bastet Study 1' feline sculpture in bronze

'Bastet study 1'

Edition of 12

27cm h


Bastet. Egyptian Cat Sculpture


Edition of 12.

46 cm h x 39 cm l

Bronze dog sculpture
bronze Rhino sculpture

'Still Rhino'  

Edition of 12. 62 cm l x 31 cm h   


Bronze Monkey sculpture

'Macaque and Infant'  Detail

Edition of 12. 38 cm h x 39 cm l 

Polar Bear sculpture

  'Arctic Bear'

Edition of 12.  46 cm l x 28 cm h


Equine sculpture

'Draught Horse' - detail . Edition of 12.

 48 cm l x 46 cm h


Bronze Cheetah sculpture


Edition of 12 .

34 cm h x 30 cm x 36 cm


bronze Silverback gorilla sculpture

'Standing Silverback' detail.

 Edition of 12. 59cm x 49 cm

limited availability

Monkey sketch

                            'Monkey Sketch 1'

                           Edition 15. 16 cm h


Monkey sketch

 'Monkey Sketch 2'

Edition 15 . 18 cm h


Monkey sketch

'Monkey Sketch 3'

Edition 15.  17  cm h

Limited Availability

Pariah. Bronze sculpture. Canine


Edition of 12.

60cm h x 56 cm l

Langur sculpture. Monkey bronze

    'Sacred Langur'  detail

Edition of 12. 32 cm h


'Tesem Study'

Edition 12

37cm h

Cat sculpture


'Bastet Study 3'

Edition of 12



Bronze sighthound


Edition of 12

56cm l x 52 cm h

Boxing hare sculpture
Bronze cat sculpture

'Shadow Boxer'  detail

Edition of 12.

 71cm h

'Bastet Study 2'

Edition of 12

24cm h


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